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Government Shutdown: Day 24

The partial government shutdown began at midnight on December 21, 2018. As the shutdown entered its twentieth-fourth day, many government contractors were rightfully concerned about the status of negotiations between Congress and the president, the length of the shutdown, and its impact on their current and future contracts. As for the status of White House/Capitol Hill negotiations and the likely length of the shutdown, it is hard to say. Continue reading Government Shutdown: Day 24

Information on Corporate Contractor Performance and Integrity

The Department of Defense, General Services Administration, and National Aeronautics and Space Administration issued a final rule on March 7, 2016, that requires offerors to disclose within the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS) information on any parent, subsidiary, or successor entities that held a Federal contract or grant within the last three years.   Continue reading Information on Corporate Contractor Performance and Integrity