GSA Proposed Merger of Professional Engineering Services and Environmental Services Schedules

By: Rachel Sullivan

Recently, the GSA issued a survey to contractors holding Professional Engineering Schedule (PES) 871 and Environmental Services Schedule (899), soliciting feedback on potentially merging these two schedules. A merger is not certain, but the GSA is considering this option.

This survey is open until September 15, 2013, and specifically seeks to identify major concerns with the merger and gauge interest for this action. The GSA states that this merger would result in administrative efficiencies and the ability for contractors to provide a wider array of engineering and environmental services.

If implemented, the merger will be mandatory for all contractors, and the merged schedule would be renamed. Under the merger, all Environmental Schedule Special Item Numbers (SINs) will move to PES; however, contractors holding an Environmental Services Schedule can keep the same contract number, SINs, and all awarded labor categories/items. Similarly, PES contract holders can retain all awarded items. All contractors holding these schedules will be able to request a modification to their contracts to add PES or Environmental SINs as needed. Companies holding both schedule contracts will be able to cancel the environmental schedule with the option to exercise either the PES or environmental contract.

The expected implementation date is around July 1, 2014, and the GSA will notify contractors, customers, and other stakeholders as far in advance as possible if it decides to proceed with the merger.

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